RoosterBusiness: Rooster Daily Horoscope July 25th 2017

The Year of the Rooster

The best use of your time today is supporting any person or cause most dear to your heart. There can be clashes with people who do not share your high standards. You are not the behavior police. Sometimes unwelcome situations need to be accepted for now, trusting change will come soon.

Panda Excursion: The Magical City of Guilin

Panda Excursion:

The Panda Excursion section of the blog explores the different cities, the tradiitions, and the cuisne of the Chinese and surrrounding areas. Today we will look at the magical city of Guilin which lies on the west bank of the Li River.  The name Guilin means the Forest of Sweet Osmnathus which is a tree that emits a sweet fragrance. Guilin is a pristine city dotted with lakes, surrounded by mountains, and speckled with underground caves. This magical city has been declared as one out of four cities where the historical, and cultural heritage, as well as natural scenery is treated as priority.

Mango Tango: 10 awesome health facts about Mangos

The RiceBowl: Mango Power

Mangoes are not only delicious but are healthy too!  Here are 10 Reasons to eat Mangos from Care2 Healthy Living.

1. Mangos are full of antioxidants! They help to rejuvenate your cells and can protect you from cancers such as colon, breast, prostate, and leukemia.

2. They are high in fiber! Which can lower cholesterol.

3. They can help keep you skin clear and radiant!

4. The Vitamin A in mangos promotes eye health and good night vision.

5. The citric acid, tartaric, and malic Acid help to maintain the ph balance in your body. 

6. Mango helps normalize the insulin levels in the blood.

7. Mangos are great Source of Vitamin E.

8. Mangos contain enzymes that help break down protein. 

9. Mango Juice is a great way to cool down the body in the summer and protects you from heat stroke

10. Mangos are full of Vitamin C which boosts your immune system!

At  Windchimes we serve a delicious Mango Chicken! Delicious breaded chicken mixed with fresh Mango.   Mmm Mmm Mmm!



INDULGE on Great Flavors! The Windchimes Chinese Restaurant

The Chopstick: Mango Chicken

The Mango Chicken is a delightful dish that blends perfectly fried chicken with Fresh Mango in a creamy sauce. The textures of this dish are superb as well as the balance of sweet with savory. The Mango Chicken comes with a side salad. Indulge on great flavors! #DublinChinese, #ColumbusChinese, #AsianFusion


So you have probably noticed a few changes around the Windchimes.  New Aromas, New Dishes, and New Faces.  It’s True, Windchimes has new ownership and we are excited to offer you a fresh experience at the Windchimes restaurant by creating exciting dishes that fuse the flavors of Eastern Asia for you to try. You may have noticed the beautiful curry dishes that have been coming from our kitchen.  Or the use of coconut and mango in our cuisine?  Make sure you try these exquisite dishes as we have been working on getting them perfect.

We understand that with change brings learning and adaptation. We guarantee that we are dedicated to make sure that every experience at the Windchimes is of the highest quality and that we offer only the best in cuisine and customer service. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to being your #1 Asian Fusion Restaurant in Columbus.

The RiceBowl: The power of the Coconut



Whether you’re eating the meat, drinking the juice, or consuming it as oil, coconuts are a delicious and nutritious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It has tons of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as plenty of electrolytes. Eating coconuts are excellent for one’s immunity. They are antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic, meaning they kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The oil is excellent for keeping one young and beautiful. Its antioxidant properties slow down the aging process by protecting the body from harmful free radicals. Eating coconuts also supports the development of strong, healthy bones and teeth. It does this by improving the body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium. -Care2HealthyLiving

Coconut Milk is used in many of the Windchimes delicious Curries!  Try our fantastic Green Curry which blends Coconut Milk with the flavors of Green Chillies all over Fresh vegetables and your Pick of a Protein.


Cajun Shrimp

 Lightly Breaded Shrimp served with Pasta noodles and Fresh Spinach. All drizzled with the Chef's special Pacific Rim Sauce.  The textures and flavors of this Asian Fusion dish will delight, surprise, and keep you wanting more.  

The Chopstick:

Chicken Teriyaki

What is Teriyaki? Teriyaki is the Japanese term for meat that has been marinated in teriyaki sauce, then broiled or grilled over coals. Teriyaki sauce has four main components: soy sauce, sake (or mirin, if you're taking it easy on the booze), sugar and ginger. Windchimes has a delicious Teriyaki Chicken made of juicy chicken morsels and fresh vegetables. mmmm! Just looking at it makes my mouth water. #mymouthwater#humpday#lunchspecial#theChopstick

The Ricebowl:

The name "basil" is derived from the old Greek word basilikohn, which means "royal," reflecting that ancient culture's attitudes towards an herb that they held to be very noble and sacred. The tradition of reverence of basil has continued in other cultures. In India, basil was cherished as an icon of hospitality, while in Italy, it was a symbol of love. -the worlds healthiest foods-

Fresh Basil is used in our Red Thai Curry, Yellow Curry, and Green Curry Dishes. #Basil#medicinalherbs#Currylove#theRicebowl


When you pay in CASH you get 10% off your entire order of $30.00 or more. (mention this post!)

Super Friday! and you know what comes next? Yes Yes Yes! Windchimes Carryout! Seriously.... Treat yourself. and I personally recommend our new Curry Dishes. Like this Red Thai Curry that melds Coconut Milk with Savory Spices and FRESH ingredients like Red And Green Bell peppers, Onions, and remember! Mushrooms,and Basil. mmm mm mmmm YUM! 

TheChopstick:  NEW DISHES

The Windchimes is now offering a new array of delicious Curry Dishes.  If you had not had the chance to try theseWEll... What are you waiting for?  Come on in! and delight on the subtle but exquisite flavors that these Curry Dishes boast.  They are expertly balanced with hints of sweetness and spice and the FRESH ingredients make these dishes a colorful joy to feast on. 

Yellow Curry

Sweet and mild spicy with carrots, sweet onion, green beans, and basil leaf

Green Curry

Sweet and mild spicy with eggplant, green beans, green and red bell peppers, sweet onion, bamboo shoots, and basil leaf