Daily Horoscope: March 14, 2018

Chinese calendar:
Day of the Wood Snake
Month of the Wood Tiger
Year of the Earth Dog 2018

Polarity of the Day: Yin
Polarity of the Month: Yang
Polarity of the Year: Yang
Lucky directions: South-South-East
Lucky colors: Blue, black


His seductive power is not, however, an artifice at the service of a passing whim. Quite the contrary, the Wood Snake knows how to use his many talents in the service of the arts, culture, not forgetting his personal enrichment. Faithful to those he loves, the Wood Snake can nevertheless be narcissistic, but who could blame him, in front of such generous charm and seemingly unlimited talents?

A day of the Wood Snake is ideal for making big decisions. If you can find a quiet and secluded place, you can decide with lucidity and serenity of important subjects concerning your private and professional life.

Daily Energetic chart: Weak in Water element
Birth's character and destiny (BaGua): Fullness

The Power of Edamame

Winter is a time for us all to get hunkered down in the comfort and warmth of our home. We tend to eat dishes that warm us up and make us feel full and happy. With spring just around the corner lets celebrate the dishes that will energize and excite us for the upcoming weeks of spring.

The edamame bean is a immature soybean that comes from a pod, much like peas but are a bit different. The name itself literally means "steam bean" in Japanese. It's most commonly found in East Asia cuisines and is usually boiled or steamed and severed with salt. The earliest documentation of the bean dates back to 1275 in Japan where a monk wrote about the small treat. Next in 1406 during the Ming dynasty in China, edamame were eaten during the outbreaks of famine and were part of the survival. Not only is it a tasty treat but it also contains energy, protein, and fiber along with various amino acids. The bean also helps promote a healthy digestion system which connects to it being a great source of fiber. Edamame can not only help promote a healthy diet but it’s also a good source of Vietnams and iron.


It's a light, refreshing appetizer that is a great way to start off your meal at any restaurant. So, if you are looking to get your body in tune with nature and ready to spring forward why not start your meal at Windchimes with some yummy edamame!

The Lion Dance was a remarkable experience

The Lion Dance was so much fun. Look how beautiful the Lion Costumes are! The Chinese New Year happens in February. Mark your calendars for next year so you wont miss it!

Friday Special and let's make the most of it
redcurry_togo2 copy.jpg

Now, you may be thinking... Is it really Friday?  Are you pulling my leg? Because I swear I just got out of bed and it was Monday.... Nope.  It's Friday and that means that we get to swoop into the weekend with pizazz!  Give yourself a smile in the mirror because we are in February and this month is going to be AWESOME.  All the more reason to get Windchimes Carryout because we know that it is going start our weekend out right.  In fact, why not invite a few friends over and enjoy Windchimes Chinese together.  Put on some music have a few drinks and enjoy the warmth of the food.   And REMEMBER you get 10% off your entire order when you pay cash. ($30.00 minimum)

Reserve a table for Valentine's Day: Windchimes Chinese
date_3 copy.jpg

It's true, Valentine's Day is on its way and we want to make it easy for you!  Reserve a table for this special evening and let us serve you a delicious experience.  The Windchimes is a great choice as we offer a truly exquisite experience.  Plus, we have a full bar, a great wine and sake selection, and our food is colorful, authentic, and delicious.  

Reserve a table to ay and you will feel so good and ready for that special day for that special someone.


Let's Talk Lunch: Mango Chicken Deliciousness

We love Fridays at the Windchimes but we may love lunchtime even more!  The middle of the day is such an important part of the day, because it is at this special time, that we get to choose how the rest of our day is going to be.  Are we going to love it?  Are we going to hate it?  Are we going to ignore it?  At the Windchimes we like to go the loving route and have created a great an atmosphere for friends and families to come together and enjoy this special part of the day.  We nourish the soul and the body through great food.  Our suggestion for today is the MANGO Chicken.  This is a delightful dish that consists of perfectly battered fried chicken interspersed with fresh mango on a bed of rice.  A simple side salad with a miso dressing compliments this dish perfectly.  mmmmm. YUMMY YUM YUM  Lunch is served from 11-4

Dealio: Friday Promotion: let's EAT!

It's Friday, not Monday, not Tuesday, not Wednesday, not Thursday, but FRIDAY!  Wooohooo, high five! (Slap)  Well done.  We made it again.  So, what do we do on Fridays!  Go out to a movie? YES!  get an ice cream cone?  YES!  and of course most important of all grab our Windchimes Chinese Carryout. YES!  for we know that delicious, healthy food with no clean up and no preparation, is the most valuable resource to get us moving in the right direction for a success weekend. 

Dish suggestion for this weekend? (drum roll please)

Is the ONE, the ONLY, Teriyaki Chicken.  At the Windchimes we do this dish right.  Enjoy perfectly cooked chicken in a bed of fresh vegetables all drizzled with our Teriyaki sauce.  Just look how it glistens.  And REMEMBER you get 10% off your entire carryout order when you pay CASH.  ($30.00 minimum)

Lenny the Rooster: Ninja Lenny

Have you met Windchime's rooster Lenny?  He is quite the character. Very savvy, very funny, and sometimes a little odd. Keep you eyes peeled for more exciting news from Lenny. Check out his appearance in this video where we capture some of Lenny's ninja moves.