Monday Magic: Get Windchimes Carryout while you watch the Solar Eclipse!

How Magical the World is to create such phenomenons as a full Solar Eclipse.  Can you imagine what the first people thought as they saw the Sun get swallowed up by another Celestial being?  How lucky we are to have such modern devices that inform us with logical evidence of what is happening.  Make sure you take the time to go outside and be in awe of this incredible world and watch the solar eclipse? (Protect your eyes with the right glasses!) In Ohio, the eclipse will start around 1:00 and end around 3:00.  Which means that you have just enough time to come in for lunch or order take out for such an occasion. I would suggest the the Green Thai Curry with Shrimp.  The Flavors are out of this World and the Ancient Curry Medley will get you pondering on life questions  such as how did we all get here?  (ha ha!)  Remember you get 10% off your entire carryout order of $30.00 or more when you pay cash!

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