NEW Ordering Apps Added


Did you know that you don't have to call in your food order anymore? It's pretty wild but you are now able to order from several different food applications straight from your phone. Windchimes food is now part of Doordash, BiteSquad and Postmates delivery services.

This is perfect for the busy parent who needs to order dinner for their family and don't have time to pick it up. The food gets quickly delivered to you and ready to eat. I've used these services several times when I'm putting my baby to bed and he falls asleep on me. It's great because I can just take out of my phone and quietly order my food while he snoozes. 


All these services make it so much easier and gives you a much needed break where you can catch up on the news or just browse Facebook for a while as you wait for your food to come straight to your front door. This is perfect for the summer months because you can now enjoy all your favorite Chinese dishes outside. Why not have an impromptu picnic out back or have people over for a buffet style dinner? The opportunities are endless. Make your dinner a fun experience and take out an annoying step of having to pick it up!