Day of the Metal Monkey: Chinese Horoscope

Day of the Metal Monkey

September 20 2019 Daily Chinese Horoscope for the Rat, Ox, Tiber Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pick

The Metal Monkey is gifted in everything he undertakes, like all his peers

Pragmatic and realistic, he nevertheless retains a strong interest in spirituality and the occult arts. Ambitious and charming, he’s an innovator and a treasure seeker, who doesn’t hesitate to resort ro unorthodox means and even to violence to achieve his ends. funny, vigorous, the Metal monkey makes the most out of life. He’s passionate being and an artist at heart, who enjoys life with all of the roughness that it entails. friendly and warm , his stories always captivating and full of twists, his friends clearly don’t have to complain about his fellowship.

today isn’t the best day to devote yourself of the administrative an accounting tasks that you’ve been pushing aside during the last several days. On the contrary, enjoy every moment to rejoice in the mysteries of life. If you you’re looking for answers to your questions, whether spiritual or material, a Metal Monkey Day is especially conducive. In love, if you’re singe, beware of falling in love with the first Passer-by