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Panda Excursion: Mount Li, Terracotta Army, Hot Springs!

Mount Li a place of magic, nature, relaxation, and delicious cuisine! What more could you ask? 


Mount Li is a mountain full of mystique and is part of the Qinling mountain range in Xi'an in Shaanxi Province and rises 1302 meters above sea level.  There is much charm and magic that lives in the history of this mountain, ranging from the"Black Steed Tribe" that once lived in its cliffs during the Zhou period 1046-771 BC, to the place where the goddess Nuwa, creator of Mankind, repaired the wall of heaven.  Also at the foot of the mountain, is the necropolis of the first emperor Qin Shi Huang and his mausoleum and terracotta army.  The infamous army that was created to protect the last emperor of Unified China.  The main burial ground of Qin Shi Hunag is still sealed shut and is said to have rivers of Mercury!


The history at mount Li is plush but so are the nature trails and areas of relaxation.  There are many hot springs in the area, like the Xian Huaqing hot springs, for instance, and the cuisine is abundant and delicious boasting noodle dishes, dumplings, and breads.


The yangrou paomo is a local dish, which is Flatbread in mutton soup, and is unique because the bread is hand pulled and cooked in the mutton broth.  The process takes a while but allows time for conversation and to trade stories. Pomegranate juice is also popular in the fall and compliments the kabobs that you can find being cooked on the streets. Noodles are abundant in Xi'an eaten cold or warm and are made from many different ingredients, spinach, wheat, rice.  And don't forget to try the hot and sour dumpling soup with a mutton based broth. YUMMY!

PandaExcursion: What do you know about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong  

This mystical metropolis that holds millions of people.  The sheer magnitude of action and movement is almost intimidating as the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong plays out 24 hours of the day.   Hong Kong is the world's 4th most densely populated cities with about 7.2 million citizens. The official language of Hong Kong is Cantonese. The people that in Hong Kong have the longest life expectancy with the median being 83 years. In 1997 Hong Kong became a special administrative region of the People's of Republic of China which means that it maintains a separate political and economic system from China!


Hong Kong is located on the Victoria Harbor and is the world's fifth busiest port.  Hong Kong has the most sky scrapers, 1,223 skyscrapers to be exact! and because of the lack of space there are few older buildings remaining, because of this Hong Kong is a center for modern architecture.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, recently held the ceremony for the 'Jockey Club Innovation Tower' by Zaha Hadid architects.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, recently held the ceremony for the 'Jockey Club Innovation Tower' by Zaha Hadid architects.

Walt Disney Concert Hall: by Frank Gehry 

Walt Disney Concert Hall: by Frank Gehry 

The Cuisine of Hong Kong is a medley of Cantonese cuisine, British cuisine, and other Western cuisines, Japan, and Southeast Asia.  Cantonese Cuisine is the style of cooking that most people think of when they they think of Chinese food.  Cantonese cuisine use steaming, stir frying, shallow frying, double steaming, braising and deep frying.  The dishes should be well balanced both in spice as well as with oil so they are not overly greasy and that the spice does not take over the main ingredients. In the Cantonese cuisine they use lots of fresh ingredients and an array of proteins ranging from pork and beef to seafood and chicken. Most of these dishes are served with a bed of Rice.


fun fact* The people of Hong Kong generally eat 5 times a day but the serving sizes are considerable smaller than those in United States.





Panda Excursion: The Magical City of Guilin

Panda Excursion:

The Panda Excursion section of the blog explores the different cities, the tradiitions, and the cuisne of the Chinese and surrrounding areas. Today we will look at the magical city of Guilin which lies on the west bank of the Li River.  The name Guilin means the Forest of Sweet Osmnathus which is a tree that emits a sweet fragrance. Guilin is a pristine city dotted with lakes, surrounded by mountains, and speckled with underground caves. This magical city has been declared as one out of four cities where the historical, and cultural heritage, as well as natural scenery is treated as priority.