The Chopstick: House Sizzling Noodle


It's that time of the season when we yearn for warm comforting food that not only fills our bellies but is also healthy and nutritious.  The House Sizzling Noodle is a fantastic cold weather dish and an amazing show of sizzle, crackles, and steam as it is brought out in a piping hot, cast iron skillet where the vegetables and meats finish cooking right in front of you.  The House Sizzling noodle is a medley of vegetables and chicken, beef, and shrimp laid over a bed of fried rice noodles.  The brown sauce is a a perfect blend of spices to create a balanced, delicious, and comforting food.   It's not only appetizing but an experience.  I suggest trying the House Sizzling Noodle on your next visit to Windchimes and experience this tasty dish.