The Different Noodle Types

Sizzling Noodle

Sizzling Noodle

When you've come into Windchimes and taken a glance at our menu, you may have noticed that there are several dishes that have noodles in them. From Sizzling Noodles to Lo Mein, all these noodles are not the same. What are the differences you may ask. Well, don't you worry because we got you here!

Sizzling Noodle - is a thick Egg Noodle that comes out in a hot skillet. These are noodles that are thick and absorb the juices and sauce they are sizzling in. It's a great way to not only get a great flavor but also a great sound when presented making everyone wanting what you have!

Lo Mein - also Egg Noodles are typically stir fried with vegetables/meats and other seasonings. Find out more about Lo Mein from last weeks blog post.

Cantonese Noodles - Angel Hair Egg Noodles. These noodles are very thin and delicate They are more chewy in texture and yellow in colour either due to the addition of lye  and/or egg. This class of lye water noodles has a subtle but distinctive smell and taste, described by some as being "eggy".[9] 

Rice Noodles - Angel Hair Rice Noodles are similar to the above but the only difference is these noodles are typically made only with rice and water without the addition of salt. Although unorthodox, some producers may choose to add other plant starches to modify the texture of the noodles.


What kind of noodles do you prefer?