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Dealio: Friday Promotion: let's EAT!

It's Friday, not Monday, not Tuesday, not Wednesday, not Thursday, but FRIDAY!  Wooohooo, high five! (Slap)  Well done.  We made it again.  So, what do we do on Fridays!  Go out to a movie? YES!  get an ice cream cone?  YES!  and of course most important of all grab our Windchimes Chinese Carryout. YES!  for we know that delicious, healthy food with no clean up and no preparation, is the most valuable resource to get us moving in the right direction for a success weekend. 

Dish suggestion for this weekend? (drum roll please)

Is the ONE, the ONLY, Teriyaki Chicken.  At the Windchimes we do this dish right.  Enjoy perfectly cooked chicken in a bed of fresh vegetables all drizzled with our Teriyaki sauce.  Just look how it glistens.  And REMEMBER you get 10% off your entire carryout order when you pay CASH.  ($30.00 minimum)

DEALIO: It's Friday! and you know what that means!

It's been a while since we exalted Friday's and at the Windchimes we absolutely adore them, as we know that the hard work during the week gets to lead to a relaxing and fulfilling weekend.  And we know that the best way to start that weekend is with Windchimes Carryout! Delicious food that makes the whole family smile and there is no cooking, and no dishes involved.  Sounds like the Happy Family dish is a great place to start!  And Remember you get 10% off your entire Carryout Order when you pay cash! ($30.00 minimum)



Dealio: Can you Believe it? IT's FRIDAY and its Sunny!

Yes, I know it is hard to believe that we did it again.  We made it to Friday! I think we can all agree that the weather this week has been fantastic!  I am loving that sunshine.  What magnificent walking weather.  And the forecast this weekend is also filled with sunshine.  And do you know what goes best with Sunshine?  Windchimes carryout of course!  As I always say on Fridays!  Treat yourself to Windchimes carryout and enjoy this awesome weather without missing a bit of it with cooking or clean up.  And remember! that you get 10% off if you pay in cash. $30.00 minimum

Dealio: It's Friday! I just cannot get enough of Friday!

Well Well Well!  It's that special time of the week again! It's Friday! and Friday means a break from the week to sit back and indulge on Windchimes Carryout.  We know that you work hard during the week and you definitely get a break.  So Take it!  And we want to give you 10% off your entire carryout order when you pay cash! ($30.00 minimum)

It's Friday! Give yourself a pat on the back

Could it be possible?  Is it True?  Take a moment and congratulate yourself on another week of Success!  You have made it to Friday and now get to relax into the weekend.  Enjoy your friends and family and the beautiful weather that we are having as Fall approaches.  And you know my advice for Fridays?... Windchimes Chinese Carryout!  Indulge on excellent Authentic Chinese with no dishes or messes to clean up. AND you get 10% off your entire order of Carryout when you pay Cash! $30.00 or more minimum!

It's Friday ! and You know what that means...

Dealio: Get 10% off your entire Carryout Order

Come on in for Winchimes Carryout.  If you order $30.00 or more and pay cash you get 10% off your entire order.  So what's holding you back.  Delicious food?  Convenience?  No Dishes? That's what I thought.. See you soon!