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Friday Special and let's make the most of it
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Now, you may be thinking... Is it really Friday?  Are you pulling my leg? Because I swear I just got out of bed and it was Monday.... Nope.  It's Friday and that means that we get to swoop into the weekend with pizazz!  Give yourself a smile in the mirror because we are in February and this month is going to be AWESOME.  All the more reason to get Windchimes Carryout because we know that it is going start our weekend out right.  In fact, why not invite a few friends over and enjoy Windchimes Chinese together.  Put on some music have a few drinks and enjoy the warmth of the food.   And REMEMBER you get 10% off your entire order when you pay cash. ($30.00 minimum)

Dealio: Can you Believe it? IT's FRIDAY and its Sunny!

Yes, I know it is hard to believe that we did it again.  We made it to Friday! I think we can all agree that the weather this week has been fantastic!  I am loving that sunshine.  What magnificent walking weather.  And the forecast this weekend is also filled with sunshine.  And do you know what goes best with Sunshine?  Windchimes carryout of course!  As I always say on Fridays!  Treat yourself to Windchimes carryout and enjoy this awesome weather without missing a bit of it with cooking or clean up.  And remember! that you get 10% off if you pay in cash. $30.00 minimum

It's Friday! Give yourself a pat on the back

Could it be possible?  Is it True?  Take a moment and congratulate yourself on another week of Success!  You have made it to Friday and now get to relax into the weekend.  Enjoy your friends and family and the beautiful weather that we are having as Fall approaches.  And you know my advice for Fridays?... Windchimes Chinese Carryout!  Indulge on excellent Authentic Chinese with no dishes or messes to clean up. AND you get 10% off your entire order of Carryout when you pay Cash! $30.00 or more minimum!