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Rooster Business: Daily Horoscope for the Rooster: Happy New Year

Jan 2, 2018 - If you're feeling especially emotional, take deep breaths and avoid impulsive decisions. Today's energy brings expanded opportunities to make important changes in your life. Don't be lazy. Hard work brings luck. Trust your intuition about a person in your life who seems to be struggling. You'll know what to say.

RoosterBusiness: Today's Horoscope

Today you will understand more than ever that there is no point wasting precious time trying to get attention. Tomorrow you will feel better. Sentimentally speaking, many problems you had in the past will be successfully resolved. Increased harmony between you two. At work, however, you will receive a rather consistent reward for having done what was required of you.

A piece of advice for today could be to use logic. Don't get taken over by emotions if you can't control them. _Ching Oracle