The Power of Edamame


Winter is a time for us all to get hunkered down in the comfort and warmth of our home. We tend to eat dishes that warm us up and make us feel full and happy. With spring just around the corner lets celebrate the dishes that will energize and excite us for the upcoming weeks of spring.

The edamame bean is a immature soybean that comes from a pod, much like peas but are a bit different. The name itself literally means "steam bean" in Japanese. It's most commonly found in East Asia cuisines and is usually boiled or steamed and severed with salt. The earliest documentation of the bean dates back to 1275 in Japan where a monk wrote about the small treat. Next in 1406 during the Ming dynasty in China, edamame were eaten during the outbreaks of famine and were part of the survival. Not only is it a tasty treat but it also contains energy, protein, and fiber along with various amino acids. The bean also helps promote a healthy digestion system which connects to it being a great source of fiber. Edamame can not only help promote a healthy diet but it’s also a good source of Vietnams and iron.


It's a light, refreshing appetizer that is a great way to start off your meal at any restaurant. So, if you are looking to get your body in tune with nature and ready to spring forward why not start your meal at Windchimes with some yummy edamame!