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Let's Talk Lunch: Mango Chicken Deliciousness

We love Fridays at the Windchimes but we may love lunchtime even more!  The middle of the day is such an important part of the day, because it is at this special time, that we get to choose how the rest of our day is going to be.  Are we going to love it?  Are we going to hate it?  Are we going to ignore it?  At the Windchimes we like to go the loving route and have created a great an atmosphere for friends and families to come together and enjoy this special part of the day.  We nourish the soul and the body through great food.  Our suggestion for today is the MANGO Chicken.  This is a delightful dish that consists of perfectly battered fried chicken interspersed with fresh mango on a bed of rice.  A simple side salad with a miso dressing compliments this dish perfectly.  mmmmm. YUMMY YUM YUM  Lunch is served from 11-4

It's Lunchtime and boy am I hungry...

Every day has a lunchtime.  Isn't that awesome!  We all get to stop, take a break, nourish ourselves with delicious food, and maybe even get a walk in, or connect with a friend.  Why not have it all.  Gather a few of your friends and meet at the Windchimes.  We have a great lunch menu with excellent prices and great portions. Not to forget the overall tasty tastiness of each dish and the amazing aromas that fill our restaurant during this fantastic lunchtime break.  Lunchtime is a special time  at the Windchimes, our restaurant provides just the place to meet friends, laugh, and nourish.  Today we suggest the Honey Glazed Cashew Chicken.  Its a sheer delight with the comfort of a lightly fried breaded chicken in a honey glaze with a subtle spice that leaves the palate with a yum and yum yum mmmm!  What's your favorite lunch time dish? Check in and take a picture!  we would love to share it on our facebook page!