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Horoscope: Day of the Wood Pig & Month of the Water Dog

Chinese calendar:
Day of the Wood Pig
Month of the Water Dog
Year of the Earth Dog 2018

Polarity of the Day: Yin
Polarity of the Month: Yang
Polarity of the Year: Yang
Lucky directions: North-North-West
Lucky colors: All colors

Today's daily horoscope for October 10, 2018

Lucky are the friends of the Wood Pig!

Optimistic and open-minded with a touch of materialism, the Wood Pig is ready to accept the betrayals of his friends and family on condition that he gets compensation in return. In that case, his gullibility must probably be his biggest defect, for profiteers of all kind can sniff at a hundred leagues the generous nature of the Wood Pig.

Today, crafts requiring patience and precision are favored, especially craftsmanship, watchmaking, cabinetmaking and luthery. The Wood Pig being a great lover of good food, the job of pastry chef is also honored today, for the love and perfectionism that this culinary art demands from its practitioners. In love, it is a day (and an evening) during which the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac can let their partner fully enjoy their insatiable appetite for the pleasures of life.

Daily Energetic chart: Balanced
Birth's character and destiny (BaGua): The Conflict

The lodge of the Neck is unfavorable. Friday, the Water element and the planet Mercury are symbolically attached to this house. The constellation of the Neck controls disease, the release of animals, trials and punishments. Not only one should avoid getting married on that day, but one must also avoid entering into conflict or initiating new projects, at the risk of attracting bad luck. In order to stay healthy, it’s advisable to consume ginger, onions, mustard, garlic and pepper during this day.

RoosterBusiness: Today's Horoscope

Today you will understand more than ever that there is no point wasting precious time trying to get attention. Tomorrow you will feel better. Sentimentally speaking, many problems you had in the past will be successfully resolved. Increased harmony between you two. At work, however, you will receive a rather consistent reward for having done what was required of you.

A piece of advice for today could be to use logic. Don't get taken over by emotions if you can't control them. _Ching Oracle

Rooster Business: Introducing Lenny!

Meet Lenny the Rooster.  He is swanky, he is bold, he is savvy, he is well...  He's Lenny!  and he is a new employee at the Windchimes Restaurant. Perhaps you will see him serving drinks at the bar or behind the scenes cooking up fantastic dishes in the Kitchens.  He may greet you at the front or serve dessert to your table.  He will be sure to make you smile.  An OBLSK production in collaboration with The Windchimes Chinese Restaurant

RoosterBusiness: Rooster Daily Horoscope July 25th 2017

The Year of the Rooster

The best use of your time today is supporting any person or cause most dear to your heart. There can be clashes with people who do not share your high standards. You are not the behavior police. Sometimes unwelcome situations need to be accepted for now, trusting change will come soon.