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Lenny the Rooster: Ninja Lenny

Have you met Windchime's rooster Lenny?  He is quite the character. Very savvy, very funny, and sometimes a little odd. Keep you eyes peeled for more exciting news from Lenny. Check out his appearance in this video where we capture some of Lenny's ninja moves.

Rooster Business: Introducing Lenny!

Meet Lenny the Rooster.  He is swanky, he is bold, he is savvy, he is well...  He's Lenny!  and he is a new employee at the Windchimes Restaurant. Perhaps you will see him serving drinks at the bar or behind the scenes cooking up fantastic dishes in the Kitchens.  He may greet you at the front or serve dessert to your table.  He will be sure to make you smile.  An OBLSK production in collaboration with The Windchimes Chinese Restaurant